This is a flat rate and does not vary or change dependent on the credit situation. 

*Please note if your are signing up during a special or with a coupon please do NOT forget to enter that information to assure you are properly discounted*

Your services will include:

  • Education on finances and credit which we consider the foundation for this new endeavor, as it is a LIFE CHANGE not a score change.
  • Education on credit, how it is assessed, how it affects you and why; as well as the  perception of potential lenders , employers and most financial institutions; this is all included in your enrollment fee; we also include the service of distributing documentation on your behalf ( distributed via certified mail) , in an attempt to assist in the removal of inaccurate , fraudulent, obsolete and erroneous information from your credit report.
  • This is a month to month service and may be cancelled at anytime without penalty or fee.