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Please e-mail the following items to us ASAP so we may begin as swiftly as possible:


▢ Copy of your Driver’s License
▢ Copy of your Social Security Card
▢ Copy of your most recent utility bill or cell phone bill with current address



If you have not signed up for the following site please do so now…
We need to access your accounts at the following websites:

Please include in your email the USERNAME and PASSWORD for IdentifyIQ and CreditKarma.

CLICK HERE to sign up for IdentityIQ.com

CLICK HERE to sign up for CreditKarma.com


Credit Builder Card

Through our program you have a unique opportunity opportunity to build credit while your credit is being worked on. Many times credit repair isn’t solely about removing inaccurate and obsolete items from the credit report but also properly building credit. 

This card:

  • Doesn’t put an inquiry on your credit report so it won’t cost you anything to apply. 
  • This card reports to all 3 credit bureaus, assisting in building in its totality vs going to a bank /credit union and learning they only report to one or two of the credit bureaus and then needing to apply for yet another one to have the credit building in its totality
  • Over 95% of clients with challenged credit are approved 

If you are interested please sign up here and utilize this card as instructed in the video above upon receipt.

Email the above requested documents, log ins & any questions to info@beautifycredit.com 
or fax to 901-255-7755

Thank you for trusting us with the opportunity to work with you to beautify your credit!